Unser S Wurf ist da! Our S Litter arrived!

News: Ike gets 1st place
in open class Worldshow Poznan!

On 30.10.2006 our S Litter arrived!


S Wurf/ S Litter:

S-Wurf / S-Litter:
NL.J.Ch. Imagine me Ike from Elly's Pack Daragoj Hot Gossip( qualified for crufts )
based on lines: german and finish based on lines: finish
Besitzer/ owner:Elly Vervoort Besitzer/ owner : M&R Lawugger









Father and mother of this litter: Ike and Gossip

Before Gossip was mated for her second litter, One more time she could achive  the CACIB and BOB title.This time in Bratislawa show judged by: 
Dr.vet.med. Damir Skok(HR) president of the croatian kennel club. 
In all this time i was rather engaged with finding the perfect male for her. And this finding already took me to shows in all Europe but finally i was 
only as far as i was before.
Only one person was always scared by me , day and night, with  this fever: Eeva Resko: her dear breeder in finland. 
And after thinking all the time the decision was made:  Ike should be the father of her second litter!
But Ike was: yes in the Netherlands: only 2200 km at  least was in between of these dogs. 

Strong winds and heavy rain on a never ending trip to the netherlands. and finally middle of the night we had reached our destination and meet Elly and her Pack.

In the afternoon we decided to go for a short cut to Amsterdam:

and back to our place:

We had to find out that our mobil car seemed attractive not only to us but also to  some other people, breaking into it. But they had not thought of Melbourne
 as my private bodyguard.;))))

On the way home we could achieve a Luxembourg junior winner title with Pino:

And then the big waiting came till the puppies arrived! But on 30.10.2006 the puppies were born.And we may introduce 4 nice doggies to you!

The Puppies Pedigree:

NL J Ch. Imagine me Ike from Elly`s Pack(NL) Daragoj Hot Gossip( crufts qualified)(FIN)
Ch. Red Baron Sweet Pete(D) Ch. Snugglewoods Zaphiro(NL) Daragoj DiamondHeart(FIN) Daragoj Golden Belle(FIN)
Ch. RB Checkpoint Charlie(D) Ch. Snugglewoods Naughty Caro(NL) Ch. Bournehouse Beaujolais(GB) Ch. Snugglewoods Naughty Caro(NL)

Daragoj Brave


Daragoj Diamonds Forever


Famous Joker go

for the Gold(DAN)

Daragoj Love




Puppies: The Netherland's Litter

As my litters always share some story behind: this is the story of the netherlands and their upcoming wealth:

Till the 17th century Venice was the queen of seabusiness and communication. In this 17th century Amsterdam was the upcoming city. but lets go back to the roots.

1595. in this year amsterdam merchants combined for an overseas venture. An india joint venture, we would call it nowadays. during 2 years, this did not seem the most lucky times they had. more than half of their sailors died,but the wealth of the spices they could earn, let them go further. In the next 5 years another 15 merchant fleets went for India, till the government by itself wanted to rule the business. the merhant fleets had to join the VOC(Vereenigden Oost-Indischen Compagnie ). The VOC got the monopol and the money came from stocks.VOC therefor is said to be the first modern stock corporation, becoming the most powerful trading company of the 17th century.

Its shares were marketed on the Amsterdam stock exchange, going its ups and dows, due to the risks of shiping in these days. In its prosporous time it had gained 1260 percent from the nominal value.

Like always, only one man , ruled the fortune of VOC to immense richness: Jan Coen. Being a bookkeepr, he had a breath taking ascent to be their general director in India, and later general governor of East India. There is truely the story that all the wealth being created in this time was to be made by him. Wealth was based on the merchandise of spices. VOC now invaded the production areas and also won a war against her opponents. in 1660 she helt the monopol on producing: cloves, nutmeg, mace and cinnemon. the popper areas were too big to be controlled. Those farmers, who tried to cheat and sell their goods to VOC rivals, paid with their death and their land fell to VOC.

All in all VOC's secret was based on their unique knockledge in communication, having secret maps of the seas, but also their other ability in gaing information . This set Amsterdam up to the top position as a communication point, and therefor setting Venice to place number 2. These informations , like doing the maps and whatever, were the basics even for English shiping.

But there is one plant never being to be forgotten when talking of the Netherlands: tulips.in 1562 an Austrian diplomat in Istanbul brought the first bulbs with him. a gardener in Vienna brought these tulips, first for medical investigations, to the Netherlands. in the 17 th century everybody was allowed to merchandise these tulip bulbs.tulips were planted and new sorts started to be the big fortune , in all meanings, to the people there. this started to be the BIG business where even auctions were held to purchase these bulbs. Even when the auction time passed away this business would last till today.

So here comes the names of the netherland puppies:

Sweet Sailor Male/ Ruede tricolour
Sweet Safran Female/ Huendin tricolour
Sweet Silk Female/ Huendin tricolour
Sweet Satin Female/ Huedin tricolour

Here are the first pictures of this litter: the puppies 15 days old!


The puppies 7 weeks old and 10 weeks old:

Sweet Sailor:


Sweet Satin:

Sweet Safran:

Sweet Silk:



wenn Sie sich fuer einen Welpen interessieren bitte mailen Sie uns.

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