Liebe Beagler

In Salzburg, der Mozartstadt haben wir unseren Aufenthalt, wie schon bei den letzten Malen in unserem Lieblingshotel Gmachl genossen.
Treiben im Solebecken und nach einem Bad im See aufwaermen im Whirlpool.
For Salzburg, the city of mozart, exhibition  we spend the days and nights in our beloved hotel Gmachl.
Feel yourself relaxed in the salty pool and warm up after a cool swim in the lake into the whirlpool.

Am Sonntag sind wir dann gut ausgeruht unsere Reise nach Italien angetreten mit Ziel Gardasee ueber Suedtirol.
On sunday we left for Lago di Garda via SouthernTirol.

see the weather getting warmer:SouthernTirol

and arriving in Riva di Garda                           tip in Torbole: hotel Piccolo Mondo really deserves its name

you can`t escape the beauty of the marina. just sit down and take a capucco

then we took a trip around Lago di Garda and appreciate Sirmione where Catull wrote his poems of love.

then Verona Vicenza and a little north and then to one of our Favourites: Lignano on the beach and a beautiful cafe

and further to Grado   Our tip : Grand Hotel Astoria

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