Liebe Beagler

Am 18.9.2004 war die CACIB in Maribor  Slovenien.

Hier ein paar Impressionen:

From Austria Fam. Salbrechter and Fr Schnelzer and we met also  Fr. Urbanova(CZ: Skansehojs Eddie Champ.class V2)
Fr Cancikova( Starbuck Torbay Ring Amulet) und Fam Nuciari (I: Endres Victor: Openclass V1 CAC CACIB) .

SSD Coloursof Joyous

After the exhibition we had some nice time in maribor.Maribor has changed now a lot in a modern but still tradition city, where shopping 
dining and sitting down near their river Drau is just beautiful.

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