Liebe Beagler

these are the results of the this years 2 days competition in St. Gallen 21./22.5.2006 !

from chiemsse to bodensee and then very close by: St. Gallen is located:


The results of saturday:Judge: Thomas Warneke(Germany): breeding: von Helle Berge

the group of junior male:

Ambrosius vom Frauensee and Sentimental Snowdancer's Native Speaker , Cicco vom Holzwaeldli

and the winner is:

Ambrosius vom Frauensee(excellent 1 JCAC) and Sentimental Snowdancer's Native Speaker(excellent2 RJCAC),Cicco vom Holzwaeldli(very good3)


male intermediate presentation:


Basco vom Ameler Forst(EXC1 CAC) Red Baron Sirius Sensation( Excellent2 RCAC)

Sentimental Snowdancer's Melbourne( Very good3)

and the winner picture:

the open class male:

Gold Line's romantic dame edna ( excellent1 CAC CACIB BOB) Red Baron Hawkeye( excellent3)

Gold Line's Pure Know Nothing( very good), Aristo Long trail(good)

Daragoj the oriental ( excellent2 RCAC) and Snugglewoods Bonfire( Very good 4) film online

and winner is: film online

male working: zeus Ticinella: film online : Very Good1

Male Champion:Winners

Quiet Xeno of Justine's Pack( excellent1 CAC RCACIB), Gold Line's Verx special Influence(Excellent2 RCAC), Sire o Connor vom Kemnader See(Excellent3)

Male veterans:

Gold Line's Naughty Joker( Excellent1)


Bitches puppy:

Sarrer's sweet dream flower lady( very promising1)

bitches intermediate presentaion:

Rusa Kallida Edle von Helle Berge( excellent1 CAC), Sentimental Snowdancer's Marlene(very good2)

Rusa Kallida Edle von Helle Berge

and the winner picture:

this is bitches open class:

Floris Runa am Tennenberg( Excellent1 CAC), Apple( very good3), Peppermint Patty vom Backumer Tal(Excellent2 RCAC), Daragoj Hot Gossip( Very good 3)

Floris Runa am Tennenberg( Excellent1 CAC), Apple( very good3),

Dargoj Hot Gossip( Very good 3)

and the winner picture of this group:

Winner: Working bitches: Calesta vom federeck( Excellent1 cac cacib)

going for BOB: film online


time for little break in the afternoon with a wild bodensee:

on sunday the second judging day took place: Judge:Peter Beyersdorf( Germany)

winner junior: Ambrosius vom Frauensee( excellent 1, JCAC) , Sentimental Snowdancer's Native Speaker( Very good2)

Male intermediate:

Winner picture: Sentimental Snowdancer's Melbourne( Excellent1 CAC), Basco vom Ameler Forst(Excellent2 RAC), Red Baron Sirius Sensation(very good3)

Winners male open:

Daragoj The Oriental( Excellent1 CAC RCACIB), Gold Line's Romantic Dame edna(Excellent2 RCAC), Red Baron Hawkeye( Excellent3), Snugglewoods Bonfire( very good 4)

Male working: Film online : Zeus Ticinella( very good 1)

Male Champions: film online

Winner bitches puppy: Sarrer's sweet dream flower lady

Winner bitches intermediate: Sentimental Snowdancer's Marlene( excellent1 CAC)

Winner bitches open:

Daragoj Hot Gossip( Excellent1, CAC RCACIB) Floris runa am Tennenberg( verygood3), Peppermeint Patty vom Backumer Tal( very good2)


winner working: Ioga Ticinella( Excellent1 cac cacib) Calesta vom federeck( Excellent1 RCAC)

and on monday a beautiful day for us and dogs : bodensee with sun and warm wind.

Like always i like to thank my sister ingrid and also her felix for everything helping us!!



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