Dear beaglefriends!

these are the results for CACIB Portoroz17.6.2006 and CACIB Umag 18.6.2006

Potoroz and umag are surely one of our favourits in exhibition.

to sum up shortly: melbourne finshed this weekend his junior title in slovenia and so did native in croatia.


in Portoroz: Mrs. Jolanda Nagler Magal(ISR) was judging

there is people who think that in some countries you get your good makrs so very easy.

this exhibition and also before in hrusica they could have learned different:

from all beagles : Sentimental Snowdancers Melbourne andSnoopy kid Pauline for dalaidi were the only ones who could gain excellent. melbourne succeeded in gaining the CAC and CACIB title!

but lets see:

Sentimental Snowdancer's Melbourne: excellent1, CAC CACIB

the male juniors: masterpiece and ferry from the house of gipsy life( bevari hiden agenda x bonnie from the house of gipsy life): both very good

Oaky: very good

male working:

Janfrey hotstaff hooch: very good

going for bob:

Sentimental Snowdancer's Melbourne and Snoopy kid pauline for dalaidi( excellent1, CAC, CACIB, BOB)

Gratulation with this exhibition melbourne finshed his Junior Champion of Slovenia!!

after this success we had a nice bathing afternoon:


then next day: UMAG CACIB:Judge: Manola Poggesi(italy)

in the cool pinewoods we had another big success:

Sentimental Snowdancer's native Speaker wins again against Ferry from the house of gipsy life(2): Excellent1 junior Winner and therefor: Junior Champion of Croatia!

Juniors in movement: film online!

Also this day the BOB went to: Snoopy kid pauline for dalaidi!

and again we had a nice bathing day ! see view to Koper!


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