dear Beagle friends

these are the results of European winner show 9.6.-11.6.2006 in Helsinki!

Enjoy what finland has worked for. We were so delighted and pleased. we are just happy we got to know this event!

it was very beautiful. but hold on and see.

take a plane and leave schwechat( austrian airport) behind!

The beautiful countryside in Orimattila: Daragoj Kennels :a lifetime lovestory in breeding beagles by Eeva Resko

the beautiful walk arrounds:

Cold , bright nights and the austrian beaglers with: Daragoj Hot Gossip and Sentimental Snowdancer's Melbourne


Friday 9.6.2006 was the big day: European winner show! Judge: Kari Jaervinen ( FIN)

Junior male class:presenting the group!

Eeva Resko presenting: Daragoj Laudatur(Lanbur Edgar Allen x Daragoj heaven can wait) : Excellent2

Daragoy Mercury( Clarion cameo magic man x daragoj viva la vida):excellent1 European junior winner2006

Fortibus x files( Sopwith camels golden wings x sparta blyskavica) : excellent3

Kara urus kariz( Lanbur edga allen x kara urus ksanga ): excellent4

Sentimental Snowdancer's melbourne: very good

the winners:

male intermediate:

kara urus buynach ( kara urus kron prince x kara urus isabel top ): very good 1

male open:

Clarion cameo magic man: film on : excellent 1 : CACIB

Male working:

Dar Shah Ricci( Daragoj Viva zapata x aina dar shah )( Exceellent 1 ) and Kara urus chico chartreuse( snoopy kid gomez x kara urus eiteri gold )( very good2)

male champion: presenting film further more

Gold Line's blue tornado: gold lines tough eric cantona x gold lines soft baby blue): excellent2 CAC film

Eeva Resko presenting: Harnett Watercolours in the Rain( Daragoj Cristal rain x Daragoj Chit Chat)( excellent3) RCAC film

Ob La Dis Appearence of Emmeret( Allikelunds Herlige Sorro x Degevangen Liva) excellent1 : RCACIB film

Starbuck Torbay legal tender( Swan horn long lake kid x Daragoj Chelsea) : Excellent4 film

uderzo de maxcean( la ponderosa mason of wakasoo x rockney iut wilgenbosch): excellent film

and making the decision: film

and the winner picture of this group:

Winner veteran male:

Daragoj Solid Gold ( Clarion crytsal fire x daragoj Lovestory): European veteran champion

the winners bitches juniors:

Daragoj Laboheme( Lanbur edgar ellan x Daragoj heaven can wait): Excellent1: european junior winner, Hessin Taika( Daragoj high and mighty x blue singers berenice): excellent2

bitches open class:

Eeva Resko presenting Daragoj heaven can Wait( Daragoj Diamont Heart x Daragoj Golden bell) : Excellent 1 CACIB BOB European Winner

Her sister: Daragoj Hot Gossip( Daragoj Diamont Heart x Daragoj Golden Belle): excellent 2

Tosca del magnifico messere( spirit tranensis this is my song x panerai simone italia): vey good 3

winner picture:

bitches working class:

Dott. Giovanni Dalaidi presenting: Snoopy kid pauline for dalaidi: excellent1, CAC, RCACIB

the winners:

going for cac:

and the cac winners:

the CACIB Winners:




After the beagle ring there was time for:talk.................

and some nice beaglers talk:

and now behind the scenes:

the ring of honor during preparation:

to let you know how an exhibition place can look and how it can be organized:

totally clear and fresh and all cleaned during all days.

have you seen a ring of honour like this before??

this is an impressing picture from competition breeders group!

the finalists!

and the winners!


the finalists group6!

eeva resko and her wonderful daragoj Heaven can wait:

the competition best brace:

the feelings in this show for sure cant be transported in pictures but maybe a little of all this sensation can be felt here!

after this show you know what europen winner show should be like: impressing moments and so well organized as you may imagine!


Lots of thanks to Eeva Resko and Seppo for all we could learn and feel in this wonderful days!

and back to austria:



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