Dear Beaglefriends

these are the results for our dogs in Bulle 1.7.2006 !

Bulle is located in western part of Switzerland: Judge: Haldimann M.(CH)

Here is the Junior class:

Sentimental Snowdancer's Pino( SSD Coloursof Jeje x Champion's line 73 Tuborg): excellent1: Junior CAC and Umberto( eros am Tennenberg x Sunnyheart irina): very good2

This was second Exhibition for Pino: on the table

the winner picture:


Male intermediate: film online

Sentimental Snowdancer's melbourne: excellent 1 , CAC film online

winning his class:

Red Baron Sirius Sentsation: very good 2, not in picture here.. film online


Male open:

Rd Baron hawkeye( excellent1, CAC, BOB) and Idor Ticinella: very good2

Male working:

zeus Ticinella: excellent1 CAC

Sarrers sweet dream flower lady reaches : very promising 1

Bitches intermediate:

Sentimental Snowdancer's Marlene: excellent2: RCAC film online and film online

the winner picture:

Red Baron Time Out Thelma( excellent1, CAC )( film online) and Sentimental Snowdancer's Marlene: excellent2: RCAC

so with 3 beagles we could gain 2 first and one second place.

now we like to show you the hall where the exhibition took place: wooden but very cool and nice and clean!

and when we came outside and left bulle then we saw the beauty of the location itself: laq du gruyere

as we came late at night after 12 hours of driving now we saw for first time the asurrounding area!

on the way to interlaken:

Interlaken: an international one for sure:

and up to the mountains:

the next day we had a nice time in Bregenz: in the sunset we went to the beautiful: vorarlberg

and monday again was a bathing day with our dogs:

Melbourne with Ingrid( i need not tell our big thanks go to Ingrid and Felix as ever!)

and all:


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